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Before the car is denominated, it must be sent to PUSPAKOM for inspection

Must pass PUSPAKOM's vehicle inspection procedure before transferring the car

Under the Road Traffic Act 1987, private vehicles must be sent to the PUSPAKOM computerized vehicle inspection center for inspection before the transfer of ownership.

This policy is to prevent car owners from buying illegal vehicles, such as illegally modified vehicles, which can also effectively prevent car theft cases.

Before going to PUSPAKOM for a car inspection, car owners must make a reservation in advance. The owner of the car must inform the person in charge of the PUSPAKOM computerized vehicle inspection center that he wants to inspect the B5.

When the car owner inspects the vehicle at PUSPAKOM, he must bring the original vehicle registration card (Vehicle's Registration Card) or the vehicle ownership certificate (Vehicle Ownership Certificate/ VOC)

It is worth mentioning that when the car owner sends the vehicle to PUSPAKOM for inspection, he must ensure that the vehicle complies with all regulations, such as the qualified car insulation film, the rim size and so on. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble and save you a lot of time.

For more details, you can go to the nearby PUSPAKOM computerized vehicle inspection center to inquire.

21 Aug 2023